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It’s more than soccer!

We offer choices. We have designed multiple games based on our clients’ reviews. Each one of them will provide a different challenge and endless laughter.

BullE Classic Soccer

The goal of the game is not any different than regular soccer, however making your way to the net in order to score will require some bumping. Rule number one: there are NO rules!

BullE Alert

Both teams will line up on opposite ends of the field. Both teams’ players will be assigned a number from 1 to 5. The referee will randomly call out a number and the two players wearing that same number must run to midfield where the ball will be positioned. The players will then strive to bring the ball back in their zone in order to score in their own net all while their opponent attempts to steal the ball and do the same.


Quick tip: Knock down your opponent before they reach the ball.

King BullE

Voted the best game of the summer by our clients, BullE King is the “Game Of Thrones”. Before the game begins, each team will choose their king who will then be introduced to the opposing team. The rules are simple: PROTECT YOUR KING! The battle ends when one of the teams’ king falls to the ground.

BullE Tic Tac

A ball will be positioned in the middle of a circled zone on the ground. The team leading the defensive position will have to make sure the ball remains inside that circled zone as long as possible while the offensive team tries to knock it out of the protected territory as quickly as possible. After three rounds, the offensive team becomes the defensive team and so on. 

The Almithy BullE

The purge begins! You can only trust yourself. In fact, forget about the teammates, the friends and the family you once had; They are all against you and each other. At the referee’s signal, you will attack anyone in your way and stop at nothing. Players who fall to the ground will be eliminated. There will only be one survivor who will be crowned the ultimate BullE.

BullE Bulldog

One player out of ten will be chosen as the BullE bulldog and will make their way to the center of the field. The other nine players will line up at one end of the field and will have to cross to the other side without getting knocked down by the BullE bulldog. If a player gets knocked down by the BullE bulldog, they will become one themselves. The last player to remain on the field wins.

BullE Sumo

It is a game of strength and endurance. It's a classic sumo fight held in a ring. To win the fight, you will have to defeat you opponent by taking him down or pushing him out of the ring. The player with the best out of three rounds wins.

BullE Blitz

Both teams will line up on opposite ends of the field. At the sound of the whistle, each team player will run towards the opponent facing them and will be granted one shot at knocking them down. All players who fall will immediately be eliminated. This procedure repeats itself until there is one last man standing. 

BullE Thief

Speak of thieves and cops appear. Each team will be dubbed as either cops or thieves. The goal is simple; Thieves have to steal the ball that is entrusted in the police zone. The round ends when a thief manages to bring the ball in his zone without being knocked down to the ground. Otherwise, points will be granted to the police.

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BullE Sumo
BullE Blitz
BullE Le Voleur
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